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All true learning is experience; everything else is information. ~Albert Einstein, American physicist, 20th century.
Houston criminal lawyers Jim Sullivan and Associates have over 55 combined years of defense experience.  Jim Sullivan has tried numerous felony cases to trial in criminal and juvenile court.  He has had many cases dismissed on the day of trial. Attorneys Jim Sullivan and Associates have represented over 4,000 clients in criminal and juvenile court.

Other attorneys may be loaded down with books of information; but, how much real criminal and juvenile defense experience do they really have?
  • Experience matters.
  • Do not go to court alone.
  • Do not be intimidated.

Jim Sullivan cares for his clients and is appreciative of those who were thoughtful and took the time to send him a note of gratitude.
Atty. James Sullivan addressed my case and overall situation with an impressive amount of humanity and sympathy. This was quickly made apparent as our first conversations concerned the root cause of the behavior that led to my arrest more than the technical legal aspects of its consequences. Atty. Sullivan made the effort to understand me and where I came from in order to address the underlying behavioral issue. That is, to ensure not only the resolution of the legal problem at hand but also the prevention of further complications with the law. At that time, my situation was further complicated because I had a similar case pending in FL relating to my addiction. Atty. Sullivan even went as far as to search for addiction support groups in my area and suggest a few, and his generosity moved me to begin attending meetings close by. They've helped me tremendously.

Atty. Sullivan was able to obtain an arrangement at the first court setting that resulted in a case dismissal at the second court setting after I showed concrete evidence that I was seeking help for my addiction. A better outcome could not be desired. I was given the chance to get my life on track. I have stayed sober ever since and am now returning to work as a professional in my field. Atty. Sullivan also charges very reasonable fees. For all that he did for me I owe thanks to Atty. Sullivan.
~Javier (Avvo review)
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