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Houston Criminal Lawyers Jim Sullivan and Associates have the courage to stand up to the  government and force them to prove their case at trial. No one has ever been found not guilty who did not have the courage to take their case to trial.
Jim Sullivan saved my life. I had never been in trouble before. I am a single mom with three kids. A neighbor’s boy, an 11 year old bully, beat up my 9 year old son. My 10 year old son then went outside and gave the bully a black eye. The bully ran home and told his momma that I had hit him. His momma came over and attacked me. The next day that woman called the police and I got arrested for a felony, Injury to a Child. I spent 2 weeks in jail for something I didn’t do before my momma got enough money together to pay the bondsman. Before Jim Sullivan defended me, I was afraid. I thought the best I could get was probation. I just don’t trust the law. I’ve seen too many people go to trial, lose and get a lot of prison time. But Jim believed in me. 
When we first went to court, Jim told me the government was offering me deferred adjudication on the felony, but he said that I shouldn’t take it. Jim told me he would fight my case all the way to trial and that there was no way he was gonna let me plead guilty when I was innocent. 
Over the next few months, he worked on my case. He came to my neighborhood and spent many hours talking to witnesses. On my first trial setting, Jim told me that the government was now offering me a better deal--deferred adjudication on a misdemeanor assault, but Jim told me that I should not take it because I was not guilty of that either. 
He was sure he would win my case at trial and I believed him. Over 6 months, we went to court 10 different times. Finally, on my third trial setting, the government dismissed my case! I thank God that Jim was my attorney. He truly cared about me and my family. I cannot thank him enough. Because of him, I still have a clean record and I can still work to support my kids. ~Demonisha (Avvo review)
Most of the trial cases handled by Jim Sullivan are either dismissed on the day of trial or reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. Attorney Jim Sullivan has secured jury acquittals for his criminal and juvenile clients on cases such as aggravated robbery, negligent homicide, aggravated assault, burglary of a habitation and assault. He has had more than a hundred felony cases dismissed either on the day of trial or prior to trial. He has also had over 50 felony cases no billed (dismissed) by the grand jury.
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