Houston Criminal Lawyer Jim Sullivan Examines the Details

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Houston Criminal Lawyers Jim Sullivan and Associates examines the details of each criminal case--even the seemingly inconsequential details.  Many times there is hidden within such trivial and seemingly insignficant details the key to unraveling the State's case against the accused.  A good defense lawyer assumes there is always important information not found in or missing from the police officer's offense report.  To discover that information requires visiting the crime scene, analyzing the details of the case, comparing time lines, expert examination of physical evidence and much more.
Attorney Jim Sullivan has practiced criminal law for over 18 years and is Board Certified in Juvenile Law.  You can call him right now at 281-546-6428.

 When your inner eyes open, you can find immense beauty hidden within the inconsequential details of daily life. ~Timothy Ray Miller, Cognitive psychotherapist, present day